Disasters are inevitable. Every organization needs a disaster readiness plan and staff trainings, but very few know where to begin. SF CARD can help.

SF CARD offers a dynamic lineup of services aimed at making the disaster planning process easy and enjoyable.

  • Nonprofit Emergency Technical Assistance

After a disaster, the agencies that provide food, shelter and other human services to our communities will be faced with greater demand than ever.How will your agency respond?  With a plan in place, you can anticipate how you can help your clients post-disaster: what services you will offer, who should come to work, how you’ll function if your facilities are damaged, and how you can partner with others in the recovery effort.

  • Congregational Emergency Technical Assistance

In times of crisis, many people turn to houses of worship for help.SF CARD works with faith-based organizations of all denominations, including churches, synagogues, and mosques. We can help you assess the vulnerability of your facility, develop a congregation emergency response plan, figure out what emergency supplies to stock, and share best practices with other faith-based organizations.

The next disaster won’t be nearly as painful if you are prepared for it. SF CARD makes this preparation easy and fun through one key concept: It’s all about people.

  • Staff Personal Preparedness Training

Support your organization’s most important investment, your staff, by providing guidance on personal preparedness. If your staff is personally prepared, they’ll be better equipped to help your clients when disaster strikes. Highlights of the training include: tips on what is needed to shelter-in-place, suggestions on what supplies you’ll need to stock in home and work disaster kits, and “Off the Shelf,” a method for taking common household items and turning them into tools that are useful in coping with disasters.

  • Incident Command System (ICS)

Our training helps businesses and faith-based and nonprofit organizations learn to use ICS as an emergency management system for your organizations. ICS is a nationally accepted, standardized emergency management system.

  • Evacuation and Floor Warden Training

One of SF CARD’s most popular training’s helps people learn and practice an evacuation from an office building. These training’s also give guidance for staff who would like to volunteer to help people during an evacuation.

  • Psychological First Aid (PFA) for Volunteer Responders

Based on feedback from volunteers and first responders, traditional PFA techniques do not work in triage or emergency response situations, so we offer something new: concrete, short, practical skills that can be applied during triage, and longer techniques that can be used outside of triage. This training complements current disaster mental health best practices.

  • How to Respond to an Active Shooter Situation 

This one-hour training will provide your staff practical information and guidance on how to respond if your organization is involved in an active shooting situation.  As part of the training, a retired police officer will discuss police protocols. Furthermore, your internal communication systems will be reviewed and staff will be better engaged and interested in the disaster preparedness process.

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